Yellow Fever

What is yellow fever and how serious can it be?
Yellow fever symptoms?
What to do if you are worried that you've got yellow fever?
Arrange your yellow fever vaccinations a couple of weeks before you travel

Yellow fever protection: summary of action to be taken 

  • Get vaccinated at least ten days before you travel
  • Take your International Certificate of Vaccination with you when you travel and keep it safe as it is valid for 10 years
  • Take measures to protect yourself from mosquito bites day and night. Cover skin with loose-fitting clothing. Use insect repellents and nets. (Available in our Pharmacy)


If you would like to book Your Yellow Fever vaccination:

  • You can contact us by completing our online application form 
  • Calling our Clinic direct on 0121 502 5138 or
  • Visit us at Jubilee Pharmacy 2 Upper Russell Street Wednesbury West midlands WS10 7AR.