Travel Vaccinations Umrah

Umrah Travel Vaccinations in West Midlands

Need Umrah travel vaccinations in West Midlands? Let us help you by providing all the information and details that will help you to make your journey successful.

Recommendations & Requirements


If you are planning to visit Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage, then you need a health certificate that verifies that you got a vaccination against meningitis. Same applies for seasonal workers too. In short, you can’t get entry to Saudi Arabia if you are not able to fulfil your vaccination requirements. Vaccination certificate has been issued no less than ten days and no more than three years prior to arrival in the United States of Emirates.If you are going there specifically for holidays or you are an expat worker, then you don’t need to produce a vaccination certificate though we recommend you to check in in-depth whether your travel purpose needs the certificate because at last moment you can’t arrange it immediately.Know that in the United Kingdom, your visa can’t be approved if you don’t have proof of vaccination. You need to show your vaccination certificates ten days prior to the date of travel.

Tetanus and Polio

If you didn’t take vaccination for tetanus and polio since last decade, then make sure to get it as soon as possible.

Rubella & Measles

There has been a reinvigoration of rubella and measles. You need to immune by vaccination and get two doses of natural measles infection or MMR.


The Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia specially requests and instructs the travellers to get their influenza vaccination if they are coming to Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage. You need to take it on priority if you have a history with diabetes, heart, and chest problems.


The risk of malaria is quite low in cities like Mecca and Medina. However, it is still recommended to get yourself a proper vaccination for malaria so you can avoid any possible threats because these are some areas that have a high risk of malaria. In this, you obviously don’t want to take any chance. We recommend you to have anti-malarial tablets especially when you are planning to roam around using local transportation services.


Diarrhoea is one of the common things during travelling to Hajj or Umrah, and one of the biggest reasons for this is contaminated water and food. Hot weather also makes the condition worse. We recommend you to follow all health guidelines that will help you to stay healthy.

Recommended Health Guidelines by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health

  • You should cancel your travel or shouldn’t plan for going to Saudi Arabia if you are pregnant, have a chronic disease, suffering from immune deficiency. Apart from that you also need to cancel your plan if you have a kid under 12 who is terminally ill.
  • Before eating you should wash your hand properly. A piece of advice that you are listening since your birth so just a strong reminder from our side. Carrying a hand sanitizer is a good option.
  • Avoid hand contact with mouth, eyes, and nose as much as possible.
  • Avoid contact with any person who has any sign of disease or infection.
  • In crowded places prefer to wear a face mask.

Apart from that, there are many health precautions you can follow. More you read more you get knowledge about precautions that you need to follow. There is endless information available. Right now you might be thinking about Umrah travel vaccinations in west midlands so let us suggest you Jubilee Pharmacy, you can get your vaccination from here and being a government approved body you can get all your vaccination certificates that will be approved by professional and carried pharmacist. Visit the website now and book your appointment so you will get all details and clearance before it’s too late.