Anti Malaria

What is Malaria and how serious can it be?
Is Malaria a danger to people in the UK?
What can be done to protect against malaria?
Malaria Myths
Malaria protection: summary of action to be taken
  • Call Jubilee Pharmacy as soon as you can to discuss whether the country you are visiting is a high malaria risk (countries differ depending on the time of year)
  • Get your anti-malaria medication
  • Take measures to protect yourself from mosquito bites day and night. Cover skin with loose-fitting clothing. Use insect repellents and nets. 

If you would like to book your free Anti-Malaria consultation: 

  • You can contact us by completing our online application form 
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  • Visit us at Jubilee Pharmacy 2 Upper Russell Street Wednesbury West midlands WS10 7AR.